Wednesday, 11 March 2015

One of the hot terms top MBA programs use today is “Evidence Based Management”

What kind of evidence are we talking about?

Facts—measurable and repeatable - This information is first concerned with the strength of the campaign and the message being delivered to your prospects (often called the result) and around our sales activities and skill (referring to the effort). Secondly, how good are we at our work and are we asking the hard questions… gathering the data? The strength of any sales effort is in the knowledge we build. Are we creating an intelligent database of all our prospects? 

The evidence we have collected over years of developing ProspectStreams 3rd version shows that there is a best statistical/process model. Finding your best model will yield a 300% to 400% increase in new sales development productivity—a big increase by any standard.

What is the foundation of our evidence? Over 3.5 million outbound business development calls. Each call was measured as well as recorded for effort and results. From this we developed business rules and a structure that is powerful and (thanks to a brilliant user interface) very easy to use and master. 

Through this blog we will dive into the details of how we approach a very difficult topic. We hope this will be valuable to the seasoned PS3 user and the “newbie”. We don’t hide our passion, but unlike most other blogs we will back up our claims with hard statistics and numbers.  We look forward to the discussion.